Employing different camera formats, my images aim to investigate the human soul, focusing on themes such as origins, household, melancholia, and disappearance. By looking back at both my homeland and my childhood, I concentrate my research mostly on western mythology and Sicilian ancient tales; taking into account the concepts of sentimental spaces, suspended objects, sense of loss and ultimately the impossibility to return home. I often combine portraiture, still life and landscape photography questioning what “being at home” means today, aiming to convey a narrative based on this incessant seeking for an impossible perfect place. With an attentive look at the idea of failed encounters, I am undertaking an exhaustive journey into this notion and trying to understand which objects and spaces men usually use to search something that in reality can never be found. This melancholic state, in which it is possible to experience this sense of loss, without ultimately knowing what has been lost in the first place, constitute the very foundation of my work. Alongside with portraits of strangers and loved ones, the materialization of this lost desired object is what I ultimately try to capture in my photographs. 

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