Archive / A Portrait of Giulia Guilment (2015)


When I was very little, my great-grandmother used to be my best friend.

The intent of this book is trying to retrace her life by building her own little archive of images, documents and letters. The written text acts as a sort of diary in which it is possible to grasp her relationship with her father and son, both missing figures in different moments of her life.

A Portrait of Giulia Guilment is a book about disappearance and a personal reflection on how to depict the absence of our loved ones. When we miss someone the tangibility of objects and photographs immediately comforts us. The act of touching makes us believe in a less far distance, and for few second we feel reunited with our past.

By producing this book, I am making her closer to me and eternal.

To represent this tangibility, I have made a liquid emulsion print on cotton which constitute the cover, and which recalls the photographs contained inside the book.

Here I am including few pages from the original book.

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