Artist statement

I am an Italian photographer based in London. My practice revolves around myths, history and object-hood, dealing with themes such as melancholia, and disappearance. I believe in the power of comparative methodology, thus my photographic studies always involve the coexistence of historical, philosophical and semiotic studies. I am deeply interested in how the meaning of symbols change over centuries to adjust to contemporary society. With an attentive look at the idea of failed encounters, I am undertaking an exhaustive journey into this notion and trying to understand which objects and spaces men usually use to search something that in reality can never be found. This melancholic and frustrating state, cased by men impossibility to know the past, it's what fascinates me, and it constitute the foundation of my work. Key theorists that have influenced my practice include Aby Warburg, George Didi-Huberman, Umberto Eco, Otto Friedrich Bollnow and Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa. These have contributed to my development and understanding of my own need to re-elaborate the historical and mythological into a contemporary language.

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